21 Juicer Replacement Parts & Accessories You Can Find Online!

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Cone replacement Eurolux citrus juicer ELCJ-1600S ELCJ-1700S

Juicers don’t last forever, and all juicers come to an end due to some bad parts. When these parts wear off, suffer from damage, corrosion, etc., they no longer work the same way or stop working entirely. So you need to juicer replacement parts & accessories are change. And that is when you know that these parts need to be fixed or replaced.

The good thing about juicers that come with detachable parts is that most of them are replaceable that allow you to change and replace them. But do all juicers have the exact replacement parts and are compatible with all models? Of course not!

Although some universal-sized parts can fit a few models, others do not mean others will. You need to know which replacement part will fit the juicer you own. That is why I will discuss some juicer replacement parts to help you find the right part for your juicer.

Juicer Replacement Parts & Accessories

Juicer Replacement Parts & Accessories

Eurolux Juicer Replacement Parts

Eurolux juicer is one of the best-known juicers for juicing citrus fruits. This juicer is designed to ensure easy squeeze and extract technology for the users to extract pure and healthy juice. The juicer comes with multiple detachable parts, and you can replace almost everything from the lid to the base. So here are some of the replacement parts for the Eurolux Juicer.

Cone Lid

The con lid is the top part of the Eurolux juice, and you attach it with the top handle. The lid covers the fruit on the cone, and when the cone rotates, the pressure of the lid helps extract juice quickly.

The replaceable cone lid is suitable for both the ELCJ-1600S and the ELCJ-1700S models. It is made with food-grade plastic and does not contain any toxic chemicals.


Cone replacement for Eurolux citrus juicer ELCJ-1600S ELCJ-1700S

The cone is the next top part of the Eurolux juicer. It is placed right above the rotating shaft so that the cone rotates at high speed and extracts juice with the help of the lid.

The cone also comes at a universal size to fit any Eurolux juicer model. Its deep ridges efficiently extract about 90% juice from any citrus fruit.

Strainer Sifter

After the juice is extracted from the fruit, it goes through the strainer before reaching the container. The stainless strainer helps remove pulps that get extracted along with the juice to get a richer and fresh juice. The universal size of the strainer will fit any Eurolux juice without a problem.

Container With Spout

One of the common issues that the container suffers from is crack due to getting hit by something hard. But the juice container is essential for the juice to collect after the cone and lid help extract juice. This replaceable juice container has the same design and features as the one you get in the original juicer. On top of that, the spout comes with a stopping lid to prevent mess.


Yes, you can replace the Eurolux juicer base, and that is one of the best things about it. Rather than purchasing a new juicer, you can just replace the juicer’s base and use it for a long time. The replacement juicer comes with the same construction as the original one and even has suction cups at the bottom to keep the juicer in place.

Aicok Masticating Juicer Replacement Parts

Aicok offers some of the most affordable juicers for all. And the replaceable parts of the juicer are also low-priced but have satisfactory quality. You can replace the juicer’s auger, funnel tray, pusher, strainer, cups, etc.

Auger Replacement

Replacement Part for Slow Masticating Juicer ZM1503

The auger is the most vital part of the juicer as it helps crush the fruits and vegetables to extract the juice. You will find the right size easily as most juicers have similar auger sizes. They are made of plastic and have high ridges to yield juice efficiently.

Strainer Replacement

Aicok JE6008-UL JE6008-GS JE6008 Frozen Dish Strainer Blank Replacement Part

The strainer helps remove the extra pulp that comes with the juice and does not go through the pulp spout. It is essential to get more pure juice after extracting. But clogging and corrosion are common issues the strainers go through and become unsuitable for use. But the strainer is replaceable and comes in various sizes based on the juicer model.

Funnel Tray And Pusher

Funnel Tray And Pusher

The funnel tray in the juicer is the part that surrounds the chute and keeps it in its place. The pusher is the long-separate part that pushes the fruits and vegetables through the feeding tube and ensures they go in. The funnel tray and the pusher are usually plastic-made and need replacement if damaged or broken.


If you are using the Aicok citrus juicer, you will need to think about the cone replacement at some point. The cones can wear off after long use or can be damaged. You will find replaceable cones on the market but make sure the material is FDA approved.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Replacement Parts

The Aicok slow masticating juicer extracts juice at a slow speed and ensures more nutrition for all. Since the juicer’s parts work slowly, they last a long time without damage or power issue. But things can go wrong at any moment, and you might need the following replacement parts.

Drip Container And Measuring Cup

Drip Container And Measuring Cup

You get two containers with the Aicok masticating juicer. One container gathers all the extracted pulps, and the other collects the juice. It is also known as the measuring cup since the cup has a scale that tells you how much juice it has collected. These containers are prone to damage but can be replaced very quickly.

Feeding Chute Replacement

That’s right! You can replace the entire feeding chute of this slow masticating juicer. The feeding chute is the part where you insert fruits and vegetables into the juicer. It is mostly made of plastic but safe to use.

Chute Lid Replacement

The juice realizing chute of the Aicok slow masticating juicer is also replaceable. It is made of plastic but will fit the masticating juicer without a problem. The spiral design inside the lid can help you set it up in the juicer, and it is also washable.

Aobosi Juicer Replacement Parts

Aobosi is yet another affordable juicer brand. And almost all its parts are replaceable. You can replace the feeding chute, funnel tray, auger, lid, strainer, etc. These are the replaceable parts for the Aobosi juicer.

Chute Tray And Pusher

The feeding tube or chute is the top part of the juicer, and the tray surrounds the tube’s opening. And the pusher is the long plastic shaft that you put into the chute tube to cover it. The chute tray and pusher are replaceable for the Aobosi juicer. But make sure the pusher has the right dimension, or it will not fit inside the tube.

Auger Replacement

Aicok AMR521 Spiral Auger For Juicer AMR521 Replacement Part

Of course, you can replace the auger whenever needed, especially when the extracted juicer is becoming less in quantity than before. It happens when the auger spirals begin to wear off.

Juice And Pulp Container

All juicers come with juice and pulp collecting containers. But the size may vary based on the brand and the juicer type. Nevertheless, you will find replacement containers at any juicer retailer. Though you can collect the juice in any container, it is best to get a replacement to ensure it fits the juicer’s length.


The strainer is the part where the juice falls through after getting extracted from the auger. It is made with stainless steel and is also replaceable. Since the strainer helps remove the remaining pulp, make sure you purchase a good-quality replacement.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Replacement Parts

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro is one of the most powerful juicers on the market. Its stainless construction body and quick assembly and disassembling process make the juicer more suitable for juice-making. But it is also challenging to find the juicer’s replacement parts as its design is a little peculiar.

Pusher And Cresent Tool

This juicer comes with a pusher that helps push the fruits and vegetables down the chute tube. And the crescent tool with pegs works like a screwdriver to set up the blade on the screw peg. If the one comes with package breaks, you can replace it with a new one.

Blade And Filter

Replacement Blade Compatible with Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

The blade and the filter are connected parts of the juicer. They contain stainless steel construction and can be replaced separately and in pairs.

Pulp Collector Container

The Jack Lalanne power juicer comes with a big pulp collecting container. Though it is challenging to find such a container from all brands, you can always replace it with one from the brand.

Jack Lalanne Juicer Screw Peg Replacement

You might already have the experience of using the Jack Lalanne juicer. And you have learned about the blades and strainers that you can replace if needed. But what about the screw peg at the base of the juicer?

The screw peg part is made with plastic, but it can break if you are not careful or even due to shipment issues. Unfortunately, there is no replacement part for the screw peg. So it will require a DIY or professional fix based on the damage type.

If the plastic part has cracks, you can fix them by expanding the material with heat and setting them together. On the other hand, if the part is completely broken, you can take it to a DIY service shop to get one made for you.

Omega Juicer 8004 Replacement Parts

Omega is one of the most recognized names for juicers. And the brand offers an extended number of replacement parts for the Omega 8004 Juicer.

Auger And Funnel Tray

The auger is a vital part of the juicer, and you can replace it like most other juicers. The funnel tray is also replaceable but should fit around the feeding tube.

Juicer Cone And Spout Lid And Nozzle

The juicer cone is the part that connects from the juice collector attached to the juicer to the spout nozzle. You can replace the entire part, along with the spout lid. On top of that, the brand offers various nozzle sets for juicing efficiency.

Strainer And Drum Clear

You can replace both the strainer and the drum clear. The drum clear part is the section containing the entire part from the chute to the juice releasing spout.

Juice And Pulp Bowl

The Omega 8004 juicer comes with two mid-sized juice and pulp collector. You can replace them both from Omega or your retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my juicer not working?

If the juicer is not working or the auger is not rotating, check on the power outlet first. If the power is on, but certain parts are not working, there must be a damage issue. It can also happen due to clogging and corrosion issues.

Are juicer parts replaceable?

Almost all detachable juicer parts are replaceable. You can replace the strainer, auger, cap, pusher, extractor blade, etc. But make sure the replacing part is suitable for your juicer’s model to ensure compatibility.

Can I wash the juicer parts in the dishwasher?

Most juicers have dishwasher-safe parts, but it has to come with a manual or description that says it is safe to go in the dishwasher. You can wash such juicer parts in the dishwasher. However, avoid putting the motor in it but rinse it well so that there is no pulp sticking.

Can I replace my Omega juicer’s screen filter?

Yes, you can replace your Omega juicer’s screen filter. But the screen filter comes in different sizes based on juicer models. So make sure you purchase the right screen filter for your Omega juicer.

Final Words

While there are many juicer replacement parts available on the market, finding the suitable one can be a bit tricky if your juicer does not fit the universal sizes. That is why it is essential to know the juicer model, style, size, and capacity to find the right parts quickly.

You can find most of these replacement parts on Amazon. If not, you can contact the manufacturer or seller to find a suitable juicer part that needs replacement.